By Our Powers Combined! | Backflip!!

Joylandi 3-Iyn, 2021
Ep 9: The team synchronizes their energy! Watch Backflip!! on Crunchyroll!

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  • Watch episode 9 here!

  • just wondering what is this synchronization move call?

  • why is the pink shirt guy literally a male rika kawai

  • Happy Pride Month!

  • Me and the boys.

  • The Wheel on the Bus Go:

  • 0:54 😎


  • Bakuten Let's goooooo


  • Best équipe 👍

  • Awesome Backflip!! Video.

  • That put a smile on my face.

  • Tan Sasa Za Nery is gonna be stuck in my head

  • Did I just hear Kageyama, Hinata and Takeda-sensei?? This looks so funny though, adding to the watchlist

    • Misato and Kageyama have the same VA!!

    • @Strebble Thanks 😊

    • It's really cool! Honestly its better than haikyuu, I love haikyuu but there's way too much volleyball involved, Bakuten has a perfect mix of sports anime, slice of life, and comedy all in one

  • With our power combine we form a boy band!!!

  • Name ?

  • The variety of hair colors is immense in this video.

  • This is such a dorky anime... I love it sm

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  • So who else immediately thought about Captain planet?

  • EARTH! FIRE! WiIND! WATER! HEART! By our powers combined..WR ARE CAPTAIN PLANET!

  • You know what to do. Complete the summoning: Earth..

  • After a quick glance at the thumbnail, I thought this was something Kuroko no Basket related....

  • @0:26, Ace? We don't need aces! Oh wait, wrong anime.

  • A group of men in a room *sus*

  • Early asf

  • did Misato think they were going to say no

  • I am Captain Planet! You made me do this Crunchyroll with title. 😂

  • noice

  • With our power combine we form a boy band!!! Lol…

  • Why do they remind me of an off brand power rangers bunch 😂

  • Comedy

  • Legend ❤️

  • Damn

  • 👏

  • Nice video 😉👍 i like this video

  • First

  • First

  • Firstttt